I am working as an artist since 2011/2015. My practice is defined by a deliberately slow and thorough approach, conceptual rigour and solid workmanship. I usually work on a single project for several years. For 100 Black Squares, my first artistic project, I have spent some time in Japan to learn the traditional technique of urushi lacquering, I have travelled to Moscow – 36 hours in a train compartment – and St. Petersburg to research on Malevich's squares and document them and the trip on video and I have spent countless hours grinding and polishing hundreds of layers of urushi lacquer in my studio.

»100 Black Squares« was on display in the context of the Vienna Art Week 2015 from Nov. 17th until Dec. 12th at the ausstellungsraum.

An exhibition catalogue is available as a free PDF download (2.81MB) and in print for purchase.

Another important aspect of my work can be subsumed unter the working title religion:materiality. Regardless of spiritual or transcendent content, I am focusing solely on the material, sensual aspects of a religious system; the aesthetics, the shape, colour, touch, smell and sound of its artefacts, its buildings, the choreography of bodies and objects in spaces. You can find examples for this string of work here (Website) or here (PDF 11,4 MB) or here.

On the side of these main projects I fiddle about with a range of other ideas - which may develop into a major project one day, or just remain solitaires. Some of these along with select mavericks from a more distant past are assembled in archives .


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