Born in Lower Austria.
Studies at the University of Applied Art/ Vienna with Isabelle Graw / Freie Klasse and the Universitiy of Tokyo, Department of Architecture, with Hiroyuki Suzuki.
Lives and works in Vienna.

[ʀaʊ̞mən] verb; raumte; geraumt 1. → to make space; every → activity, that produces intellectual, cultural, social, emotional and material spaces; Important is, that the → production of space takes place on different levels, material space is the basis though 2. → Atelier für künstlerisches Handeln, Schloss Hubertendorf (2009-2015) 3. Nautic language; the turning favourable of the wind; the action of a wind, that turns towards aft and therefore becomes more favourable; raumer Wind: backing wind, a wind, that comes more from aft in relation to the point of sail; ↔ schrallen. 4. (rare); latin transkription of the Japnaese word ラーメン (Ramen = Asian noodle soup); the u is used as a character for a long a; Ra-men; Rahmen; Rāmen


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